Light of the Soul: Book 1, sutras 39-41

photoThe Light of the Soul  is a book by Alice Bailey. It is her commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Patanjali is the source of all schools of yoga, and Bailey’s emphasis is the Way of Soul Control as put forward in the Master DK’s teaching and Theosophy.

In a study group, the attendees create the tone of the discussion. Therefore, the more the better for discussion, points of interest, clarifications, and the like. Please join in. There are few forums available for deep esoteric discussion. This is one.

If you need to join by Skype, that can be arranged but must be done ahead of the conference call. Please email me in that regard. ( Otherwise, the teleconference number is posted in the reminder post made most weeks on this blog.

Knowing that time is crammed for most people, therefore listening to an hour-long podcast is challenging, I have edited and divided the podcast into subjects that were covered. The “highlights” are embedded short podcasts.

Highlights of this Sunday’s call:

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