Sitting today – meditating on Peace at the State House

imageIf you live in the Boston area, join me for any length of time in silent meditation at the State House in Boston today. The meditation is to generate peace and compassion and to do so in a visible location because the suffering and violence in the world is visible. This meditation is not against any one thing, but on and for peace and compassion.

Join me. I’ll be there from 8 am – 3 pm. If I am moved from in front of the State House, look for me at the top of the Boston Commons, at the top of Park Street.

If you are motivated, do similar in your location at any public place of authority: Generate peace and compassion through meditation.

“There is a peace which passeth understanding. It abides in the hearts of those who live in the eternal. And  there is a power which maketh all things new. It lives and moves in those who know the Self to be One.”

* This is a private action and not part of Spirit Fire.

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

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