Civil Meditation: Compassion is Action

Join me in civil meditation on Saturday, August 16 in Meditation on World Peace.

This is a spontaneous action, one of specifically meditating at a visible place of public authority. I will meditate on the Massachusetts State House Lawn, in Boston as a visible action intended to balance the scenes of war, violence, poverty, and despair in the world sourced from the imposition of self-serving authority.

Join me in Boston, if you can, for peaceful, mostly silent meditation. Wherever you are, go to a local structure that represents governmental authority and sit in peaceful meditation for any length of time. Compassion is the only power that can accomplish true freedom and lasting peace. Join me in Compassion is Action through Civil Meditation on peace in the world.

  • When: Saturday, August 16 from 8 am to 3 pm. If allowed, again on Sunday and Monday.
  • Where: the MA State House lawn in Boston, MA. Come and meditate with me.
  • Where for you? A public place of governmental authority, outside and visible.
  • Why? Visible acts of peace and meditation give counter-poise to the visible violence and aggression perpetrated in the world. Only peace within will create peace externally, therefore, let us meditate and generate peace.
  • This video offers a mantra and the mudras I created to accompany it. Use it for your sitting.
  • Life is one. All beings are One.

meditate.001Unknown copy






* This is a personal action, not one of Spirit Fire.

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

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