Leo Full Moon meditation

The lower vibration of Leo is the selfish ego. Self-centered, it rules to suit its desires. The world is in its difficulties because humanity has been indulging its Leo self. As a result, some live with the lion’s share, while others do not.

The higher vibration of Leo begins with the radiant heart. The Sun rules Leo on three levels. Living from the heart, Leo signifies authenticity, integrity, courage to stand for others, and the fearlessness to bring forward the power of love.

The Leo heart matures. As it does, the ego decreases, giving way to the integrity of others. Shared Being now is the role of Leo energy, and Leo rulers become Aquarian focused.

Ultimately, Leo refers to Buddhahood – supreme radiant Awakeness, to the Lion Samadhi – a non-dual state of sublime meditation and Awareness, and to the Lion’s Roar – which is the silent roar of the cosmic sound of dynamic Perfection.

We are called to meditate at this Leo Full Moon. The condition of the world is human-made, perpetrated by the lower ego. But Leo rules the heart, and Compassion and its Wisdom is the one true state of being.

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