At what cost?

pict36At what cost, humanity?

Children, bees, forests, polar regions, animal species, human decency, courtesy and truth. At what cost, humanity?

“My” is a scourge, “I” a deluded view. Taking requires deletion, giving and circulation are squeezed in the tight fist of “mine.”

This is the end of times, as in the end of forests, the end of bees, the end of coastal regions, the end of respect and honor, the end of looking to the future with joy for those to come.

I sit with my needs taken care of knowing that millions of people do not have the simple necessities of life. I sit in a peaceful environment knowing that violence is the tone of life for more people than my heart can imagine. What action is enough? What is the set of actions I can do that will matter?

In addition to all the ones I know and am doing within home, lifestyle, food choices, community, and internally, I ponder action and protestation. The word protest breaks down to pro: positive, aligned with the good and true; and test: meaning testament or to testify. Therefore, to protest is to testify for that which is good and true. It is to give living testament to that which is true so as to bring about the positive and that which is life enhancing.

I don’t know where this will lead, both my pondering of further action and humanity’s running off a cliff. Right now, I meditate, teach, and do what I can, thinking that it is not enough.

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2 Responses to At what cost?

  1. kathy crater says:

    Totally related. How many red flags can be raised or red ribbons tied around trees to send a drastic message that we love life more.


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