Light of the Soul podcast discussion: Book 1, Sutra 1: 30 completion, 31 & 32

Bailey students, heads up. This study group is for you. This is an in-depth discussion of Trans-himalayan principles as offered through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. We often deviate from Bailey’s commentary simply because it is framed by her time, her personal orientation, and the emphasis that she was living then. The commentary is hers, not DK’s, thus, it is appropriate to approach these sutras on their own merit. Patanjali was a rishi, a teacher “irrespective of race, place, and emergency,” to quote a sutra. Thus his teaching is layered and is still revealing itself today.

Tonight we completed Sutra 30 which was 9 obstacles to soul cognition. Then took up 31 & 32. Highlights of tonight’s discussion include:

  • Jen’s excellent, concise rephrase of Obstacle 8: Inability to achieve concentration
  • Obstacle 9: Failure to hold the meditative attitude became a discussion of cause and result.
  • Sutra 31: Patanjali and Bailey assume certain things of the practitioner or reader. We talked about what Patanjali assumes the practitioner of soul-union (yoga) understands and is willing to engage. This sutra also brought about a fullness about karma, what it is, how it proceeds. A consideration of when science acknowledges the soul and consciousness and what will result was in here too.
  • Sutra 32 began with a consideration of “what is a principle, occultly understood?”. I offered the list of principles related to the planes of the Cosmic Physical Plane that I gave students in my 9-month Subtle Anatomy class. The graphic is given as a PDF for easy filing should you choose.
  • Sutra 32 also brought about a question related to the destruction of the causal body. An occult science response was offered having to do with sound and the Word.

Enjoy the podcast. Please tell others about this study group and the rich forays into esoteric matters that we adventure into. Bailey students especially. Pass it on.

  1. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30, the final obstacle
  2. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 31 – final obstacle and how to accomplish freedom from the obstacles
  3. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 31 the science of the soul
  4. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 32 principles
  5. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra sacred Word, 4th degree
  6. Light of the Soul, book 1 principles and mastery

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2 Responses to Light of the Soul podcast discussion: Book 1, Sutra 1: 30 completion, 31 & 32

  1. bertwells says:

    Good morning Donna. I have been and am listening to this evening’s discourse on Sutras 30, 31 & 32, and am enjoying it thoroughly. There is no one I know with whom I can discuss the studies I do and I would like to participate in the discussions. So, I will look seriously into the ‘Skype’ idea that Jen, (I believe) suggested on the FB page. I thank you for sharing the discourse. Bert.


    • hi Bert, Yes, the Skype option should work. There are a few participants who use it for the “call.”

      If you are able to join, please add to the discussion. There are a number of people there who are silent. And certainly you can post comments or questions to the upcoming section here on the blog.

      I replied to the FB. That stuff is my job! Be well.


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