Podcast: Light of the Soul: Book 1, Sutra 30 study group

photoTonight’s Light of the Soul discussion group stayed on Sutra 30 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Sutra 30 is about multiple obstacles to soul cognition. Some highlights:

  • The distinction between obstacle and impediment. They are not the same. Obstacles can be removed, gone around, gone through, etc. The sutra is about obstacles, thus about that which is within one’s power to change.
  • Bodily disability was reframed to be the incarnated state.
  • Mental inertia, carelessness, and laziness call the practitioner to the responsibility of being the Soul purposefully using the incarnation for service and world betterment.
  • Wrong perception was discussed on many levels including the relation of belief to perception, the necessity of maturing one’s perceptions, plus the fundamental wrong perception of duality and of oneself as anything other than divine presence.
  • Some thoughts on various forms of vision and perception, some biologically available to everyone.
  1. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30a bodily disability=the incarnated state
  2. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30b bodily disability – cultivating awareness regarding all the bodies
  3. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30c pg. 65 mental inertia, causes of that, being mindful of one’s Path
  4. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30d wrong questioning
  5. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30e carelessness and laziness
  6. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30f wrong perception
  7. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30g perceptioin cont.


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