Light of the Soul: Book 1, Sutras 28, 29, and 30a

photoHere is the podcast of the Light of the Soul (LOS) teleconference discussion group for this Sunday night. Bailey students as well as students of Patanjali’s sutras will find juicy tidbits and things of interest.

In Book 1 of the Yoga Sutras, which Light of the Soul by Bailey is a commentary of, Patanjali masterfully gives four or five sutras on a subject, which leads to the next set of four or five sutras which are a result or obstacles or methodology related to the subject of the previous sutras. I have pointed out to the discussion group that Sutras 17-22 are about meditation, Sutras 23-27 are about what we discover: the Soul, which is Ishvara, the Gurudeva, and the Sacred Word made Flesh (Pranava). Sutras 28-32, which were our reading assignment, are about the Sacred Word in manifestation – you and I and our life, and then the obstacles to realizing our true and higher nature.

  • Sutra 28 is about the Soul rhythmically breathing the creative Word (light, love, and wisdom) into the personality expression. This insistence beckons the personality to the lighted Way and the Path.
  • Sutra 29 reminds us that Raja Yoga is the 6th of 7 yogas and that the work of the previous yogas is necessary for Soul control of the life.
  • Sutra 30 states the obstacles to soul cognition. We only got through the first obstacle, that of bodily disability.

So with this set of five sutras, Patanjali is again explaining a specific subject and deepening that subject. He elucidates and clarifies as he proceeds one sutra to the next in a logical fashion. There is a lot of wisdom in the podcast from various members of the discussion group who are long-term Bailey students and teachers.

We’ll continue with the rest of Sutra 30 (which has several more parts), then 31 & 32 for next Sunday.  All are welcome. This is an open group. (We can’t hear you if want to be a fly on the wall! So join and check it out.)

  1.  Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 28 the sacred Word and the meanings of sound
  2. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 28 cont. the law of vibration as lived by the Soul
  3. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 28 cont. Arjuna, the Soul-personality relationship, and the wisdom of Patanjali
  4. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30 obstacle 1
  5. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30 obstacle 1 cont.
  6. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 30 obstacle 1 complete

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