Light of the Soul: Patanjali, Ishvara, and meditation

photoSutras 18-23 in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras focus on a primary result intended from meditation: access to and recognition of the qualities of the Soul or inner Presence. Ishvara is the name Patanjali uses for this inner Beingness.

Ishvara is Sanskrit and, depending on its level of use, can mean Lord, divine Soul, divine Being as in one to be devoted to, or the heart-Christ principle. Sutras 23-27 follow upon the previous five sutras which state

  • that meditation is a necessary skill to developed
  • that meditation will lead to recognition of layers of quality and energy, Presence and Awareness
  • that meditation is a constant unfolding mastery and that the qualities, energies, Presence, and Awareness discovered and accessed equally constantly unfold.

Thus the five sutras on Ishvara report the next sequential unfolding in the awareness of the practitioner of yoga (meditation): the qualities, energy, Presence, and levels of Awareness of the majestic Soul. This was the focus of last night’s Light of the Soul teleconference discussion group. We did not take up Alice Bailey’s detail or much of her tack but instead stayed with Patanjali’s sutras and the simplicity of them. This provided its own richness and clarity.

Esoteric students or students of the Master Dk’s work and Alice Bailey will find much of value in this podcast.

  1. Light of the Soul Book 1, sutra 23 what is Ishvara
  2. Light of the Soul, Book 1, sutra 23, 24 Ishvara the glorious Soul
  3. Light of ths Soul, Book 1 sutra 24 Ishvara is unlimited, karma free
  4. Light of the Soul, Book 1 sutra 24 cont. the limitless nature of knowledge
  5. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 25 Ishvara the guru deva
  6. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 26 Patanjali goes macrocosmic
  7. Light of the Soul, book 1 sutra 27 the sacred Word

You are openly invited to this study/discussion group. We take up Sutras 28-32 next Sunday.

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