Rays of Life 3

Having done Experiments 1 & 2, what did you learn from your experience?

Do you find it interesting (or baazar, or expected) that an imagined color produced a set of internal experiences and feelings?

This experiment has been done by my co-workers and I each time we have taught on-location version of the Seven Rays course. The participants speak words for their experiences as they are happening. Each group, over years of teaching this course, has spoken similar words for the red room experience and likewise with words associated with the blue room. Why is that? Because color is an expression of quality and energy.

When this experiment is done on-location with people together in a room, their eyes closed, spontaneously voicing arising feelings, sensations, or images, some people are thrilled or feel strength with red while others experience trepidation or repulse. Blue can feel warm or cool. It is experienced as soothing by some and floaty by others. The differences in people’s experience is pointing to Rays that are part of their energy make-up, their energy constitution.

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