Wesak meditation

The Wesak full moon holds the deep mystery of the purpose of humanity within the creative processes of our Earth. We are buddhas and our purpose is to birth ourselves into the radiance of Being that we are and pour forth the cosmic compassion that we are born from.

wesak buddha 1With the Wesak full moon a great alignment is engaged between disciples and Masters (people of goodwill), Christ-Maitreya who is the head of Hierarchy, and the Lord of the World. This is done in order invoke the Buddha, who represents the buddha nature of humanity itself.

The exact time of the full moon is Wednesday, 3:16 pm ET. Join a group that is meditating if you can, but if that is not available to you, this meditation had 25 people live online meditating and is a powerful alignment to the purpose and Presences of Wesak.

Webcast: Wesak meditation Webcast will play on any computer or OS but not on iPad or iPhone.

Podcast: Wesak meditation 

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