Aries Full Moon webcast

Aries represents the adventurous striving for highest freedom. This is epitomized in the myth of Durga battling the asura, in Moses battling Pharaoh, and in Jesus’ resurrection from death. All are Aries. Yet, eventually all weapons must be discarded, and debate and duplicity of mind undone, such that only the power of Compassion reigns.

With this Durga becomes 1000-armed Avolokiteshvara and weapons of form (mace, discus, swords, and such) become implements of insight (arrow of directed contemplation, the beads of dependent arising and interdependence). Ultimately, 1000-armed Avolikiteshvara is absorbed in the state of Beingness imaged in Ushnisha Sittatapattra, presenting as 1000 heads of omniscient supreme wisdom and ten thousand arms extended in pure compassion.

All of the above display human Beingness. Highest Aries is the seed of pure Being in the cosmic adventure of Becoming. We are this. The Aries full moon offers us the reminder that we are Compassion’s Hero dedicated to Oneness.

(*Durga is an excellent example of the maturation of Aries energy as well, as She is Supreme Being, capable of all levels of wrath for the purpose of Compassion.)


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ushnisha Webcast: Aries Full Moon

Podcast: Aries Full Moon

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