Notes from the Light of the Soul online discussion group. We begin!

Light of the SoulApril 6, we began the Light of the Soul free teleconference discussion group with about 25 people. The book is by Alice Bailey and is a commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The first night’s discussion included these topics:

  • from the Extract from the Tibetan: the idea that the teachings of light and of consciousness must be given and furthered no matter the cost.
  • the idea that the reader must determine what is of value and valid within the teachings through examination and application. If the given teaching is not of value to the student, then it is the student’s responsibility to seek and find that which is and serves his or her life of service.
  • the root races, with specific attention to the 5th root race. The root races are long cycles of evolution in the development of aspects of human beingness. The 1st (Lemurian) pertains to the physical existence and acumen within a physical body and life. The 2nd (Atlantean) pertains to human sentient nature and relatedness or relation. The 3rd (Aryan) pertains to the development of the mind. Of note was the information that Aryan comes from the Sanskrit word arya meaning noble. Therefore, the Aryan root race is not simply the development of the concrete or analytical and separating mind, but instead the cultivation and maturation of the noble qualities of mind. These would be related to omniscience, intuition, telepathy, and enlightened Mind.
  • reference to The Voice of the Silence by H.P.Blavatsky was made. A downloadable Pdf of The Voice of the Silence is embedded here.
  • reference to the Bhagavad Gita also was made. I mentioned that the translation used for years in my classes is by Swami Nikilananda.


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3 Responses to Notes from the Light of the Soul online discussion group. We begin!

  1. what a noble excersise Arya Donna


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