Celebration: high tantra

Celebration is pure highest tantra. It is a restorative process delighting in truth. Celebration is one of the surest beneficial practices one can do.

As we learn to celebrate all things, people, and moments, then the quantum blinking sparkle that is that moment, person, word, or thing twinkles. Celebration is our opportunity to call forward the deeper truth: that all is light, all is lightness of being, all is mahamudra bliss and radiance by nature, which means that you and I are, too.

Knot_by_ReallyDeadThingAs we celebrate difficulties, then the karmic knot that is that difficulty can unwind. Celebration provides humor and an light heart, thus as we engage a challenge it is emptied of the epic story we would tell ourselves about how difficult and unfair the challenge is. Instead, we are made strong, dispossessed of entitlement, emboldened by perspective.

In this way, celebration is a medicine, a remedy, a tincture, and a cure. As a medicine, celebration will address the ill of small-minded self-absorption. As a remedy, celebration will rally the inner forces of happiness, composure, patience, and joy and bring them to the forefront like an herbal remedy brings forward that which is innate within the body. Celebration is a tincture in that a little can undermine a significant bother, while a small dose of joy will also effect wide gladness in others. And celebration is a cure, undoing the karmic dispositions of challenge or negativity while replacing them with joy. Celebration cures self-centeredness as it celebrates the wonders and magic of all that is.

Celebrate everything, not only the good or beautiful things. Celebrate ease, the light switch, the tissue we blow our nose on and the tree it came. Celebrate and call to mind the sunlight that the tree took in, knowing that that sunlight and the whisper of a million leaves is in that tissue. Celebration, then, leads us to consider how, and why, and necessity. Celebrating the tissue might mean that we choose a handkerchief instead, and visualize in our mind one more tree left standing, which we would celebrate. Or the celebration of the tissue might lead to pondering why our nose runs and an evaluation of health, well-being, and choices again.

396213-110505-osama-dalai-lamaThe Dalai Lama’s smile is an expression of one who celebrates, even with all that he has witnessed and experienced in his life. Celebration includes both form and emptiness and undoes form to come to the empty essential nature of anything. Celebration undoes self-referencing that human being glom onto just about everything.

Energetically, celebration is a most beneficial way of being. It begins as a practice, one that brings only positivity, benevolent karma, and undoes the negative karmic threads that bind us. Celebration encourages the expansion of our feeling nature (astrality) into the buddhic resonance of expanded sentient response. Buddhi is harmony, complementarity, the higher Soul’s compassion and wisdom, and participation in the unified oneness of existence. Celebrate this moment. Celebrate anything in and of this moment, then celebrate another factor. Keep going. The practice begins with:

  • which expands to appreciation,
  • which expands to mindfulness,
  • which expands to constancy of the light of mind,
  • which expands to neutrality (all being equally celebrated),
  • on to perfection of awareness.

graphic: Knot by Liam on DeviantART


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