Sunday: Light of the Soul free teleconference discussion group

You are invited to an open all-location discussion of the book, Light of the Soul by Alice Bailey. Read “the extract from the Tibetan” and the Forward of the book for this week’s discussion. Hope to “hear” you there!

Light of the SoulLight of the Soul is a commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. All forms of Yoga come from Patanjali’s treatise of body, consciousness, and Being. This range includes physical yogas, subtle energy yogas, shamatha and vipasyana meditation practices, and tantric yoga practices. Anyone on the spiritual path can find instruction within the Sutras. Due the excellence and range of teaching within the Sutras, there have been numerous commentaries done on them over many hundreds of years.

Light of the Soul leads us away from personal glamour and instructs us toward purity of mind, body, desires, and Path. The instructions are clear enough for a beginner, yet the subtle levels of practice contained within each sutra can take anyone to the threshold of supreme awareness and refined abilities to offer in service.

We begin Sunday, April 6.

Dial-in Number: 1-857-232-0300 (East Coast)
Participant Access Code: 774748 (mute/unmute is *6)

When: every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET (with rare exceptions). 100% commitment is not expected but regularity will support you and the group.
How: teleconference. Check your Skype subscription to see if you can use Skype to dial in instead of a phone. Your hands will be free. (I have a group annual plan {$79/yr} which provides unlimited phone calls. I use it instead of having a land line.)
With: Donna Mitchell-Moniak and everyone gathered.
Cost: Free. The free meditations, lectures, and study groups through Spirit Fire are made possible by your donations. Funding that which grows your mind and consciousness is money well spent. Funding that which supports others in meditation and learning is good karma. Please contribute accordingly!

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

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