An example of all that is good

There are people alive and among us who are truly extraordinary. Garchen Rinpoche is a living buddha. Acknowledged as such by many highly realized lamas and rinpoches, Garchen Rinpoche is the current reincarnation of a a person who has brought forward profound qualities in previous lives. Those lives are historically recognized, and he continues to further the Bodhisattva Way in this one.

He is considered a prophesied emanation of Avolokiteshvara. This is easily seen in his ceaseless (thousand-fold) actions of compassion. Tara is his meditation deity, as is the case with many highly realized beings, including all the Dalai Lamas. The mantra for White Tara melodically floats through the video offered below, as does the Mani mantra.

His Eminence is in his elder years now, but still tirelessly gives. Daily I recite and pledge the King Mahayana verse which invokes the ten powers of a bodhisattva included by attachment. Garchen Rinpoche is an example of this recitation.

The video is a full length movie. Its richness took more than one sitting for me to take in. So full of compassion and wisdom. king mahayana sutra

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