More Layers of Meaning

Nativity_007What if the shepherds of the Christmas story represent disciples, and those of initiated consciousness, quietly working in the fields of human endeavor? What if Joseph represents the Father in Heaven, Sanat Kumara? What if Mary symbolizes Mother Gaia and newborn Christ represents humanity – always brand new and becoming? The birth story is told and retold every year, as it has been told in every culture through all history. In one story, the name is Immanuel, in another it is Krishna, in another Mithra, on and on. Our meditation opens up a few more of the layers of this myth that is a reminder and a call to us to remember our light.

Podcast: The birth of light, a meditation

Webcast: The birth of light, a meditation

* See Holy Mothers, Sacred Births webcast

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2 Responses to More Layers of Meaning

  1. Very thought provoking! The universal myths and archetypal themes to be found in the many paths nd traditions. Wishing you a happy, peaceful and meaningful Christmas-tide. Blessings of the season….SRTB.


    • Yes, there is no shortage of deeper meanings in the myths of the world. In leading today’s online meditation, we engaged the three of Christ-child heart, immaculate Madonna, and daily Joseph particularly. I have led tens of Christmas season meditations, each using the myth uniquely. It is amazing that so much can be in so little. Ah, such is symbolism! Happiness and peace to you!


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