The Divine Plan and the Season of Light, part 3

Part I set some ideas in place:

  • The Divine Plan is simple, and due to its simplicity it is assured of success.
  • At essence, the Divine Plan is Illumination. This is to be experienced by every aspect of creation on Mother Earth, from molecules to all forms of life.
  • Light is all there IS. Yet light is not merely the small spectrum of light visible to human beings. Light is all gradations of vibration manifesting through the forms of sound, light, form, and the formless ranges of divine manifestation. Illumination, then, is not simply to see, although that comes with illumination on any level. Illumination is “a graded series of revelations” in idea and thought, in sensation and perception, and in creatively expressing the limitless variations and vibrations of light. Illumination is coming to “know” these expanded and inclusive ranges of luminous vibration and to “know” that one is This. Illumination is awakening. Ultimately, we awaken to self-samness. I am light, you are light, ALL is LIGHT.

Tranquillity_by_jerry8448Part II brought in the Tree of Knowledge. Humanity thinks itself special on our planet. This idea is separative and born of the Tree of Knowledge. The Tree of Knowledge represents an ability within Awareness: to identify. That ability can be used to cause identity (I, me), and can be used to identify (you, cell, dog, culture, tradition, right, wrong, etc). However, this ability within Awareness need not be used primarily to separate. Symbolically, eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge caused Adam and Eve to know themselves as separate, distinct from everything. The Oneness, represented by  a paradise existence, dissolved from their minds. Separateness now was the primary knowing. Previous to this one shared existence, One Life, was the primary knowing. Thus, for example, Adam and Eve did not experience hunger. Instead, Adam and Eve were fed by existence itself. Sunshine nourished them, sound was delectable, and moment was a banquet of delights born of simply being. Eternity was not time; it simply was the Now as the constancy of Oneness.

Part II also brought in the Winter Solstice. Daily the Sun reminds us of our responsibility to shine. The Sun has that responsibility, and we do too. The Sun, thankfully, does not see that as a choice but instead is ever resplendent in the joy of giving light. Humanity, on the other hand, and because of the results of the Tree of Knowledge, views living through the lens of self and, therefore, through the illusion of choice. If choice were real,  no negative results would be caused by choice. The reason choice creates negativity is because choice is either/or. Choice is generally not born from One, Whole, nor can it be. The Winter Solstice, then, is a reminder or an inquiry. Are we, like the Sun, decreasing in brightness through the path of our life or are we increasing in brightness and thus giving life and light to all?

How are the Tree of Knowledge, the passage of the Sun through the Solstices, and  illumination related to or part of the Divine Plan? Simply, for humanity, outer light (Sun) is intended to call forth inner light (wisdom and illumination). A primary purpose of the human kingdom is dual Awareness that is self-same as Non-dual Awareness. This is supernal Wisdom. In other words …

The Tree of Knowledge symbolizes a function within full Awareness. Yet, it represents only one function. Humanity has, for cosmic reasons, temporarily focused upon that particular function. One of the primary results of this is self-created illusion experienced by all human beings as duality. There are cosmic implications and reasons for this.

Little_One_by_robcamp1000Humanity is an experiment in Awareness. Can non-dual Awareness be cultivated through processes of self-evident duality? And can Awareness always conscious of duality (self and all forms of other) expand and include to the extent of being at the same time Non-dual Awareness? Yes, human beings can. Many people who have experienced this have taught from or written about this direct understanding of Reality. I share in that direct experience. Because people have experienced or expanded into this two-ness that is Oneness means that it is not special to those who have awakened to it. Instead, they are like explorers ahead of the settlers. Anyone can travel to these less charted ranges of Awareness.

The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge has been imbibed. As a result, humanity is seeded with a great ability: to transform knowledge into Wisdom. Wisdom perceives all things as they are. Wisdom is aware of the layers of vibration presenting at any moment through any “thing.” Knowledge is necessary to fully understand the layers, the vibrations, and the presentations. Wisdom is the greater Awareness that these seeming parts are actually one dynamic Whole. This Awareness is dual and non-dual at the same instance.

Therefore, feel invited to expand into more of the range of your inner light. Participate more fully in the Divine Plan of which all beings are a functional part. If we are to live according to choice, then choose illumination. Choose to increase your light and the lightness of Being that you are in every moment.

Awakening_by_closer_to_heavenThe Divine Plan is simple: illumination. Illumination might seem to manifest differently in other kingdoms, but that is because of separating born of the Tree of Knowledge. The Plan is to perceive that all is LIGHT, gradations, permutations, and fluctuations of the vibrations of LIGHT. In you and I, that is done through the illumination of Mind and awakening to Being. Humanity celebrates this with every season of light. We do so to remind ourselves why we are here.


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