Webcast: Becoming and Being 1

New_Beginnings_by_asageWe experience both becoming and Being. How it will occur for you is unique. Your buddha nature will express specifically, just as it did through Jesus, Rumi, and does through each individual Great Being of the world. Yet, and we must never question it, we are in constant process of becoming. State of Being and embodiment AS pure Being is simply a matter of view. Change the view and we are in this moment pure Awakeness. Keep the view of duality and becoming and we are always in process.

I speak from my personal experience from childhood that our reality is predicated upon our choice of view. In subsequent presentations within this series, my direct experience will play a role as we engage the subject ever more deeply, including the esoteric and the profound. This presentation sets the stage and includes daily “take aways” so that you, like I and others, can live Being and acknowledge becoming as the profound embodiment of Presence that it is.

This webcast begins a series that I will do on the personal and profound embodiment that IS being human. (The webcast with its visuals will play on any computer but not on iDevices such as iPad or iPhone.)

Webcast: Becoming and Being

Downloadable podcast of the presentation: Becoming and Being

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