The Divine Plan and the Season of Light, part 2

Why mention everything in Part I? Because …

The march of the Sun has been honored as sacred by human beings since the dawn of time. The rising and setting of the sun displayed a visible daily birth and death, the coming and going of Life itself. Man also registered (with help from Great Ones and other-worldly beings) the occurrence of the Equinoxes and Solstices of the Sun. It is the Solstice that I want to highlight regarding the Divine Plan of Illumination.

Steve KramerWhy keep the Summer and Winter Solstices sacred? Because they are two days of Light,  in its abundance and its lack. The Winter Solstice, December 21, marks the least amount of daylight in the year. It symbolically marks the depth of the illusions that we have created for ourselves and others. The Winter Solstice reminds us that the Sun/Light/ Consciousness are a matter of constancy. As the amount of light decreases in the sky, we must make up the difference. We must be light. The decreasing light of the Sun shows us that without concerted effort, our light will fall into the horizon of self-created life.

The Tree of Knowledge is related to this. Knowledge represents all manner of self-awareness and Awareness freed of self. Knowledge is the light be which we set the course of our day and night. Knowledge is the harvest of insight, experience, relationship, and life. The Tree of Knowledge, offered in several world myths, represents the light of mind. Mind is inseparable from its consort, its other half: choice. Thus, if mind is light, choice is the measure to which light will be expressed. Yet, that will be our choice.

the_dreaming_tree_by_alexgphoto-d6brhmcThe Tree of Knowledge, then, represents the choice of eternity in any moment. Namely: to eat and therefore free the seeds of Light or to ingest the light and increase shadow. In both cases, we will live the results for a very long time; in effect, for eternity. This is offered in the myth by Adam and Eve being banished from Eden. They could never return. Similarly, we cannot take back self-created negativity any more than we can take back self-generated light.

The myth renders our choice as either/or. This is because the myth’s intention is that we understand mind as the source of lasting happiness and illumination or of continued shadow. Until we have freed ourself from the delusion of separate self, the choice is either/or: selfish or selfless. Yet, with repetition of selfless-ness, a different and universal Self increasingly meets each moment. Either/or has matured to Yes/And.

Part 3 (conclusion) coming.

Photo credits: Fading light by Steve Kramer; The Dreaming Tree by Alexgphoto on DeviantART

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2 Responses to The Divine Plan and the Season of Light, part 2

  1. in India we celebrate January 14 as the day the sun begins to grow warmer – with festivities across the land – more sun more growth – let such a sun arise in our hearts too so that we grow and make all things grow


    • That is great to know because as I work on the last part (3) the astrology is a focus. Therefore, knowing that other cultures have alternative dates for the increase of light is perfect information. What is the reason for that date?


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