The Divine Plan and the Season of Light, part 1

The Divine Plan is a simple one. Its simplicity is so far reaching as to include everything on this globe, seen and unseen, down to the molecules. And like any other plan that is kept simple, it is assured of success. The intention behind the Divine Plan is Illumination.

In the minds of many, illumination is related to human beings, to our enlightenment, the resulting liberation from suffering, and the goodness that automatically results in the world. In Buddhist terms, the goodness is bodhichitta, the active third aspect of the three-fold Wisdom/light, Compassion/love, Bodhichitta/altruism. But Illumination as the Divine Plan is much more.

light_being___holy_guardian_by_ciliosIllumination is the state of everything. That is to say, all is LIGHT. All already is and never was anything but LIGHT. This is because LIGHT is the very substance of the Logos’ beingness. In my estimation, this is part of the mystery of the moon chain and, esoterically, why the moon shines bright as it waxes and loses its brightness as it wanes. The moon chain was an attempt by the Logos to fill that vehicle of expression with His substance. The form was not ready, nor the lives therein. We experience the same on our individual scale as the soul attempts to inform and infuse its personal reflection (mental, astral, etheric/phys, or personality. That doesn’t always go smoothly either.

imagesHuman beings chose the way of individuality. This is given in the myth of the Tree of Knowledge. There are several variations on the myth world wide, thus it is a humanity myth not simply biblical. In so doing, we chose the way of separation from the seamless knowing of the constant and true state of ALL , and that all is Light. With that, our tendency to project thought forms began. As a result, we project them onto all manner of substance. Thus all layers of substance, seen and unseen, ethereal and dense, are conditioned by the thought forms that we think onto thus into everything. Matter, then, is made material in and by our minds. In our minds, substance is density. As a result, not only is humanity limited (thus suffers) but all matter is limited or forced into temporary limitation.

The Plan of Illumination is that humanity frees itself into the reality of Light. This is done incrementally, one person at a time, one thought, belief, memory, emotion at a time. All of these are mind-stuff, variations within the range of personal mind. As we release ourselves from thinking of things as we all do, all kingdoms and forms of Life, are released from what we think about them. Furthermore, as humanity releases itself from its tendency to concretize illusory reality through thought, matter is released from this densifying and personalizing tendency of our minds. Matter truly IS spirit and spirit truly is matter. There is no difference. Yet humanity believes them to be opposites, which creates all oppositions, aggression, and opposing forces within our minds. As long as humanity does this, matter cannot be spirit, nor spirit be matter. Illumination, then, as the Divine Plan, is to release ALL from the density of thought, from the form making that thought generates. This frees matter from human densifications according to an overriding illusion of density into its already existent state of LIGHT. This freeing is, of course, only from our side. It is humanity that is in delusion.

This is the only Plan, and all good work done along any ray line or through any ashram of Hierarchy is for this one goal. Also, evolution fostered within every kingdom is to accomplish this one goal, because upon its fruition, the 4th globe, which is our manifest existence, will become the 5th, a globe of light.

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3 Responses to The Divine Plan and the Season of Light, part 1

  1. victoria2dc says:

    My thought is that you are just one tremendous beam of LIGHT with so much wisdom, energy and knowledge that I can’t even keep up with you! Every day you manage to teach meditation to the students, you write blogs, books, do all the work of keeping all of the websites organized, and you keep track of all of the students and Spirit Fire itself. We appreciate it and probably don’t say so often enough.

    …. So thanks Donna!


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