White Magic and the Creative Imagination Retreat, February 2014

light of mindan exploration of inner Being and the principles of Creation
with Donna Mitchell-Moniak,  February 2014 at Spirit Fire

The Creative Imagination spans the breadth of awareness. It works with all sensations, memory, and past life seeds of realization and learning. It is part of self-awareness itself, and is used by artists, athletes, children, entrepreneurs, and meditators to perceive what is possible. All levels of cognition require the Creative Imagination, from the personal through the Soul and Triad, unto the non-dual Awareness-As-Itself.

The creative imagination is necessary in White Magic creative processes and all tantric forms of meditation. Personally, it is the source of both joy and anxiety. This is because our physical brain makes little distinction between what the creative imagination conjures and what is perceived with the outer senses. This is excellent for meditative and creative processes, but is a problem with worrisome thoughts.

This retreat is open to anyone with interest in the above. The intentions of this retreat are:

  • to enter the depth and wealth of the creative imagination
  • to explore and understand the reasons to do so: personally, spiritually, and for white magic purposes
  • to engage tantric meditational practices that use the creative imagination, such that with the experience of effectiveness of this assist practitioners in their spiritual transformational process
  • to use DK’s teachings on the creative imagination from A Treatise on White Magic.
  • to harness the power of the creative imagination for self betterment.

Details about this retreat at Spirit Fire in February 2014 are here. Dates are being determined for this retreat in Colorado.

*** Gift certificates are available for Spirit Fire and events with Donna. Contact Steve at Spirit Fire (retreats@SpiritFire.com) for this. These are emailed to you, and are a great stocking stuffer for a person of consciousness!

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

Visit www.blazinglight.net for additional meditations and blog posts.
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