A Bovine Stomp

Hooves in the air, 1500 pounds of brown and cream joy leapt and frolicked. Never before have I seen such a thing. But today I did.

Turning my car into a dead end to change direction, three cows looked at me and then danced in someone’s front yard. They kicked up their hooves and romped absolutely gleeful. Out of nowhere came a fourth, who for a moment, looked like she would traipse right nto the trafficked road. Instead, it kicked up its heels, whirled around and headed for someone else’s front yard.

It was the happiest thing to watch. After 5 minutes, I finished my turn-around and did my errand. Coming back, though, I had to check to see if they were still ambling about free, loosed from whatever electric wire fencing they had somehow escaped. Sure enough, now at least six cows and two calves, they were eating dead corn stalks in someone’s back yard.

Suddenly, going way to fast for a little dead-end road, a gray pickup truck sped passed me  and pulled into the driveway of the corn stalk house. The ethers changed immediately. The cows knew who he was: he was The Man. He noticeably calmed down with each step as he approached the closest cow, eyed the situation, and wondered how to get his girls home.

Cows frolicking. It was the smile of the day!

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

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