Wake up. Rise up. Participate: 2

unplugFor fifteen minutes today, unplug. Notice how unsettled you are. Register the level of superficiality that occupies much of your time. Unplug and experience the frenetic quality that is like a caged hamster inside your mind and feelings with the experience of those fifteen minutes. Wake up.

Then rise up. Purposefully, willfully, decide to engage nothing electronically interactive for half an hour each day. This will probably not be easy. You will want to cheat. Then listen to the caged animal of lower untrained desires and thoughts in your mind. Realize that cheating is to give in to the zombie, to say that you are that. Experience gnats buzzing and rats gnawing inside your personal sense of entitlement. Then realize that those buzzing and gnawing thoughts are arguing for limitation. Wake up.

sunset yogaNow rise up. Learn to meditate. Learn to train this amazing instrument of human Beingness: the mind. Learn that you have been drugged, brain washed, stupefied, and hoodwinked. It is not normal to be this frenetic or crazy inside. Nor is it kind to your children, your partner, or to strangers  trivialized or judged for no reason other than an untrained brain washed mind. Rise up. Learn to meditate.

Meditation is experienced through many forms:

  • sit down meditation
  • learning to play an instrument
  • yoga, dance, tai chi, chi gong, aikido
  • walking meditation (with no ear buds or conversation).

Start here. Participate in yourself, in your Presence, in your human Beingness. Things electronic distract us by engaging our mind with something besides itself. Let yourself experience the quality of your mind, the stuff that is inside your mind. Understand how this conditions every aspect of who and what you are. Change from a zombie, or frenetic, drugged and addicted, angry, entitled, short fused and unhappy person to one who is waking up. It won’t be easy at first. Getting unplugged is not designed to be pleasant. But neither is personal mediocrity. Choose to wake up, rise up, and participate.

The Practice of Living Awareness is waiting for you, like the stars are waiting for us to turn out the lights so we can see them again. It is free because peace of mind and is our birth right. Meditation leads to wholeness, it expands our understanding of everything. It gives us back our centeredness and integrity. It has to be free.

spiritual-path-235x156The Practice of Living Awareness is a set of simple techniques that not only teach us to formally meditate, but that bring awareness into our day. Moment by moment, we wake up and realize that we are living awareness.

It is free, online, and will give you sanity. Meditation takes time, effort, and volition. It is the choice to be free of banal, drug-like mediocrity. Like exercising,The Practice of Living Awareness works. As a result, you will learn to meditate, to live more appreciative of the scope of Life, of happiness, your loved ones, and Presence.

Join me live at 9 am ET, free and online. What time is that for you? Pajama time, after the kids go to school or bed, lunch-time at work, the afternoon? Anytime is a good time to meditate.

If not live, then by webcast. I give a short video introduction and mentoring before each meditation. Watch it. Take the teaching into your day. The Living Awareness Meditation blog is a great resource for webcasts, meditations, and community.

Download a podcast. Take meditation with you.

First unplug. Then choose how to replug.

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

Visit www.blazinglight.net for additional meditations and blog posts.
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2 Responses to Wake up. Rise up. Participate: 2

  1. Beautiful post, Donna.


    • Thank you, Diane. We can feel how essential Presence is right now. Maybe there is illusion in the felt-urgency, meaning that if we expressed Presence all the time, we would not have an emergency. Nonetheless, thank you for your practice of Presence and all the people you teach it to and effect because of it every day. Peace and love!


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