Chasing Ice

There are must-see documentaries. They inform us of truth through facts and imagery born of living truth. Chasing Ice is one such film. It is the documentary of the Extreme Ice Survey by visionary and photographer James Balog. It is riveting, stunning, and renders all arguments about global warming moot.

Know your world. It is the only world we live on. It is the source of all life that we know.

Chasing Ice is available for streaming on Netflix. Check for other sources in countries other than the USA.

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7 Responses to Chasing Ice

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  2. I have seen this it’s truly awesome, in every sense of the word.


    • Yes, it was. And it was arresting. Our world has seen complete breakdown and overhaul before, and it is heading for one again. Humanity is unwilling to address the issue that Mother Earth is the source of all life, including our own. I feel no doom or gloom but only reality, and thus do what I can to not negatively effect our Mother. Selfishness with its choices and actions predicated upon the ignorance and denial of complete inter-dependence is the asteroid that is crashing into our planet.

      Chasing Ice put a full stop to any ignorance that I had left regarding the state of our Mother Earth. May we all do what we can to ensure her life because that is the only way to ensure our own and everything we hold as dear.


  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    Breath-taking video….
    as Mother Nature churns and burns Her seasons wheel…
    we ( or I do) stand in awe of Her power….Her wrath speaks
    Thank you…I will have to look for the video….
    Take Care…


    • Agreed. She is our life. We have none without her breath, her blood/water, her sustenance and care.

      What is needed is a complete STOP of all actions and activities that take from her. Only then would we see how out of scale our taking has gotten. Not only do we take, but we replace with poison.

      I wonder if storms and volcanoes are wrath? I feel that words such as those are our misplaced ego. Mother Gaia always feels so vast in her compassion and celestial wisdom. There must be another word than wrath. Anyway, may we all bow and make daily life choices that honor her as the source of life itself. Mother, sweet Mother.


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