Coming home to peace

The beginning video of the webcast is rich. Please watch it whether you are doing The Practice of Living Awareness or not, and no matter what level of The Practice you are practicing.

Yin Yang by IcicleTwin on DeviantART

We come home to our inner presence through meditation. Then the fullness that we are is available for all purposes. Without coming home to inner presence, that fullness is inaccessible. It’s that simple and that profound.

Webcast: Coming home to peace

Podcast: Coming home to peace

* The Practice of Living Awareness offers free online meditations and meditation training seven days a week. Full Moon meditations and World Service meditations are offered as well. Click here to try a meditation.  Or click here to read more about The Practice.

The Practice of Living Awareness is offered through Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center and Donna Mitchell-Moniak. Spirit Fire is an educational organization focused in the consciousness of humanity and its empowerment. Your $5 or more donation ensures that Spirit Fire can continue to ADD to Awareness through the free online programs. If you are participated, are participating, or simply understand that only together can we change humanity in the world, the please ADD to Awareness. Donate now.

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

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