A blog re-org and clean out

Where does the time go??? I started this blog in October 2011. Thank you to the friends and students that supported those early days!

Reorganizing by Xirisxv on DeviantART

Reorganizing by Xirisxv on DeviantART

Blazing Light was approaching almost 500 posts. It’s time for a clean out and a re-organization. Also, I’m working on my third book which requires its own time and focus. Thus, and happily so, I’ll “replay” some of the older posts that still have value. They will be labeled as such. And plenty will be deleted. With blogging, we all learn as we go, so there’s plenty that can be deleted.

Lastly, “categories” will be made clearer (hopefully!) and used more judiciously. Meditations will no longer be posted on Blazing Light, as Living Awareness Meditation blog is the home for those. Hope you will pick them up there with a “follow.”

Webcasts of lectures will be here on Blazing Light and have an appropriate category of “webcast” to keep it simple.

Thank you to everyone who “follows” Blazing Light, and to those who stop by when you do. This has been a joyous exploration of my creativity, and YOU have been a precious addition to my life. With deep gratitude, I hope that the unfolding re-org will suit reader’s minds.

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

See www.LivingAwarenessMeditation.net for meditations and free online meditation training. Visit www.SpiritFire.com for more information.
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  1. Thank you for your presence on wordpress.


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