Video: Emerging from space

As the speaker says at the beginning of his TED talk, ours ideas will be changed from what he tells us. His insight: that time is a by product of our mind’s handling of Earth’s gravity. He came to this after being on Apollo 11 for many days.

Please share your thoughts generated as and after you watch this. (add a comment) I found that it sparked many about emptiness, time, gravity, pressure, illusion, and more.

PS. The title of the video does not well match its content.

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1 Response to Video: Emerging from space

  1. kathy crater says:

    Well, as much as I would like to say that I understood what he said, I really did not get the gist of his message. As far as time is concerned, on the inside of me, I feel almost timeless, kind of like i did when I was a kid. But when I walk by the mirror I am almost shocked to see that I have aged just like my mother,but I don’t feel old. I do agree that on the outside world we developed time as a way of relating to cycles of daylight or night. I have an agreement or relationship with my friend that I will meet her for lunch at noon. But my noon in Texas is a different relationship with someone in California and adjustment have to be made, so time is never a constant.


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