Quantum flow

2600 years ago, Shayamuni Buddha taught that we are energy and space interacting. Quantum physics now reports the same. One way to experience that is the inherent toroidal field of a human being and its flow.

earth magnetic fieldThe torus of energy that surrounds and gyrates around a person is just like the magnetosphere of Mother Earth. Being born of her, we replicate this factor of her body-form. In order to experience the toroidal flow, we simply have to get centered and peaceful. Then the inherent flowing energies and and self-contained space of our fields become apparent. Our fields are layers of Being, layers of various vibration innate to being human. Experiencing the field and its motion overall can lead to more awareness of how to live centered and integral in one’s day.

The webcast has the video introduction. It will play on any computer or OS but not on any iDevice. Watch the video introduction when you have a few minutes, do the meditation when you have 20 minutes. Create a Practice!

Webcast: Quantum flow

Podcast: Quantum flow

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

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