Webcast: Hierarchy, Shamballa, Humanity

triplicityOne way to understand the spiritual trinity of Hierarchy, Shamballa, and Humanity is as the heart, head, and hands or outreach of the inner qualities and purpose of our planet Earth.

Each of the three is and has a function, a role, a particular purpose, and intended outcome or goal. This could be said for each of the kingdoms on our planet, and probably of any planet or manifestation of life. Certainly, it is so for each human incarnation which is the physical demonstration of the set of divine intentions for that incarnation or the cycle of lives of which it is a part.

This webinar presentation offers many thoughts for contemplation, some from the Ageless Wisdom, from the Master DK, and from my own understanding.

Webcast: Hierarchy, Shamballa, Humanity   *This and all of my webcasts can be viewed at your convenience, stopped and resumed as often as necessary. Please note: the webcast will play on any computer or OS but not on an iDevice.

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