Strings attached

As a child I could see extra colors.
An angel visited telling me of their use.
I was joyful at the teaching.
She said there’d be strings attached.

First communion visited again.
A beautiful white lady told me of serving and helping.
I was joyful at the teaching.
She said there’d be strings attached.

Tonsils out at 21. Delirious from medication,
Angels filled the bedroom.
“Soon, soon”, they whispered, chanted, sang.
I wondered about the strings attached.

At 36 simple words, a pledge spoken. The sky enveloped my mind.
They stood all around me, testing with questions.
Each answer increased the beauty.
Angels’ song filled the silence.
I caught wind of the strings.

Describe the thongs pierced through the heart,
Pulling up
And anchored in the pain of others.
Describe the hands that hurt so bad
Feeling the suffering of humanity’s grasping.

White or blue, red or gold, these strings, like a violin, are played.
Turning suffering to hope, death to acceptance,
Pain to a quest for freedom.

talking ‘bout the strings attached.

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

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4 Responses to Strings attached

  1. Ron Mighton says:

    I honor and respect greatly your global contribution and the spreading impact.
    Thanks Donna for all you are doing.
    Love from an old friend


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