Cloud Atlas: Farewell to the Age of Pisces

I was disappointed when this film disappeared. Maybe too insightful? The movie generated rich conversation in our meditation center.



I’ve been obsessing recently about Cloud Atlas, both the novel and the movie. I have been profoundly affected by both. Jung said somewhere that if archetypes spoke their language would be poetic, lofty, quite far from everyday speech. It is precisely what happens in the film. Every scene is monumental, memorable and rendered in this lofty manner. Truly mesmerizing.

The Piscean theme

In the movie, different characters are played by one actor. It is a stroke of genius, isn’t it? We are all one: it is so Piscean. Throughout time and history some of them they get the chance to redeem themselves, atone for their deeds, elevate themselves, while others tumble further down into oblivion or evil. So Piscean – I think to myself. We are bound to others and we do not live only for ourselves.

Another Piscean theme is sacrifice. There are quite a few innocent victims in the…

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2 Responses to Cloud Atlas: Farewell to the Age of Pisces

  1. Not only did it disappear too soon but it was also snubbed by the critics and unnoticed at the Oscars. I think it maybe appeared before its time. I was stunned by it, and also by the book.


    • Here at Spirit Fire, we talked a bit about the Oscars snub. Thought that was quite curious but also tell-tale. The movie forced even the casual viewer to ask important questions, minimally to wonder about the subject of many lives. Cloud Atlas was actually brilliant in many ways.


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