Webcast: The Ancients and what did they know about Energy?

bolshoi codeThis lecture is not primarily about Consciousness and Physics but instead focuses on what the Ancients seemed to understand, teach, and use of higher physics. The sources for this talk are certain books and authors, researchers, and archeologists who found themselves with evidence, often of a monolithic scale, that did not and does not fit into the conventional and dogmatic paradigm about human evolution. We were all taught the accepted theories of human evolution. It simply states that man evolved from ape-like through caveman type homo erectus through to the current physiology of a human being. In essence, and according to the conventional thoughts, human beings have changed little for a very long time.

Yet, the overwhelming archeological evidence actually does not support that theory or thesis. In this webinar, we will look at only one slice of this very juicy pie: energy in its many forms and some intriguing items that the Ancients left behind.

These visually rich webcasts cannot be viewed on iDevices such as iPad or  iPhone. They have to be enjoyed on a computer of any kind.

Webcast: The Ancients and what did they know about Energy?

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