Webcast: Hierarchy, Ascended Beings, and the Creative Hiearchies

Excerpts from the presentation:

Our subject tonight actually reduces to becoming: the cyclic and incremental demonstration of intrinsic Presence as distinct quality. This is an overarching thrust of Being demonstrating.

In this way, any current demonstration of Presence does three things

  • reveals Being, like Presence, as also intrinsic,
  • reveals becoming as Its mode of expression,
  • and reveals that becoming is the ongoing and always arising fractal demonstration of holographic empty Being.

As such, we begin with some ideas about Spirit-Beingness, relation-quality, and the worlds of form.

In order to speak about Hierarchy or the Creative Hierarchies, we must first explore Ascended Beings.

cave-painting-lightning-woman-closeupAscended beings are part of human existence and always have been. We have sought their assistance through prayer and invocation; we have created imagery of them, etching it with charcoal and plant resins on cave walls or with paint and gold on frescoes and thangkas. Ascended beings have walked and are walking among us, and we are grateful.

Ascended beings have ever served as intermediaries or intercessors, as well as guides, mentors, and saviors. The over 500 myths that include information of the Great Deluge that over swept humanity many thousand years ago, all speak of ascended beings helping those who survived and teaching them new life, culture, the arts, and civilization.


Cosmic Physical Plane created by Steve Kramer for Spirit Fire

The model is one of 7 layers of vibration. The bottom being vibrationally more dense and contracted and the upper being more refined and expanded. The lower three layers or planes constitute the worlds of form and the upper three planes are the formless worlds – so called because of the refinement of vibration.

For those who have expanded their vibrations and interactions to include the higher and more refined vibrations – those planes are not formless. Nor, however, are they experienced with the same density, say, as a tree or dog, a thought or an emotion.

The middle plane, called Buddhi, is just that – the middle. Equally, Buddhi is the bridge, the at-oning point, and the plane of mediation. It is the equilibrizing field that holds the principle of relation.

Cosmic Physical Plane created by Darren Roth for Spirit Fire

DK states that “buddhi is found at the heart of the tiniest atom.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire pg. 1225  The image on the right even looks like the classical presentation of the nucleus of an atom with its gyrosoping orbital paths for electrons.

It is this quality of Being, the middle principle expressed through the Buddhic plane, the heart center, the beings of the Buddhic plane, and its functioning that largely drives the processes of Becoming. Buddhi is the plane of at-one-ing, of link and vibrational resonance. Buddhi is both the
key (as in note sounding) and is key (as in that which unlocks). Therefore, once a person has stretched into the buddhic resonating field, literally ALL is vibrationally available. The three higher planes, their states of consciousness, their dynamic expressions of Being are now possible and could not possibly be before. This is so significant that enlightenment and co-creatorship are the eventual result.

These are only tidbits of this free online lecture. Enjoy!

Webcast: Hierarchy, Ascended beings, and the Creative Hierarchies

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