Webcast: Sirius and our Sun, layers of relation

isis and ankThe musings that led to this free online presentation were deep, wide, and fun. My meditations brought me to wonder about the tantric relation of two suns laying together and giving rise to the birth of enlightenment as a path. My investigations in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire by the Master DK brought new contemplations on Mind, Will, Liberation and the Great Lodge on Sirius. And gazing and meditating with the Egyptian Book of the Dead and its imagery helped me to understand that this most ancient system of wisdom is indeed ageless, and is the Mother Source of all ageless wisdoms of all ages.

Please enjoy this set of musings, barely more than surface of some deep esoteric subjects, but invocative of your intuitions.

Webcast: Sirius and our Sun, layers of relation and a binary star system


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