Feeling the energies

2013 began within the Capricorn full moon five-day cycle. That full moon was accentuated with meditation and intention by many thousands around the world who are familiar with the Trans-himalyan teachings. The added focus was the World Servers, those everywhere dedicated to the rising tide of human heart-mind and its expression in every way with our Mother Earth. 2013 is also the beginning of the new unknown calendar, not even created by the Mayans. They knew that they would not be here and that a different way of civilization would. They could not create a new calendar for us; we have to.

Through the heightened time of Galactic Alignments, suns and stars, and then full moon everyone and everything was bathed day after day by extra solar particles, gamma rays, and energies of the celestial alignments. I started a FaceBook conversation in a group comprised of people well versed in energy and spiritual philosophy. Sharing it without names is totally the right thing to do because you, reader, might be experiencing some of what you will read. No one is crazy. Our subtle energy fields and centers (chakras) are being called to refined action and they are responding. As the moon is currently waning, the intensity of the energies seems to be doing the same thus allowing for an integration and normalizing of the fields. For me, that normalizing merely means that I’m not nauseous all the time, and that my vision is not pixelated with winking light.  Here’s part of the FB conversation.

Donna: Is anyone else experiencing different types of heightened energies or vibrations? For me it began in earnest and describable during the Solstice-Humanity’s Heart retreat (Dec. 17-22). That which could be described was/is an additional waveform within the complete subtle energetic of the people at the retreat. Everyone had it and it increased day by day. I could “see”, “hear”, and “feel” it. Then leaving the mountain of Spirit Fire it was palpable in people at the store or walking the street. It was less dynamic within them but nonetheless unmistakable to my extra sensory perception. That has continued and not dissipated but the last few days have added something new.

My cells feel like gyroscopes. A centrifugal force causes additional particle radioactivity than the usual (everyone has this). Additionally, like a top slowing down, the gyrocope-cellular action is wobbling. My body feels nauseous and tired like its constantly navigating balance. And it is actually. I’ve had to use my walker in the house. The little bones in my feet are displacing slightly. That is more a signal of the magnetism of the etheric shifted or altered in relation to the Earth than a comment on me being grounded or not.

And finally, today my eyes are seeing something like quantum particles winking action in anything/everything. Chairs, sky, space of a room, tree branches, my housemate, the apples I made a New Year crisp with. Of course, the scale is not quantum but it is like pixels winking in and out of demonstration.

It is all energetic. I sit in empty meditation and feel the heightened solar radiation, photon emissions, and magnetic fluxes. Regardless of “knowing” anything mental about them I feel them, thus am glad to have something to offer my wavy cells as they participate in “this.”

particlewavefigure1How about you guys??
CC: Feeling a need to stabilise and ground energies into the earth – seeing small flashes of violet and electric blue light exploding all around like miniature fireworks – and always a unexplainable sense of knowing and understanding that really doesn’t translate very well into words – more an essence that is picked up and utilised by others – as a feeling of well being – before I fall asleep everything becomes a swirling violet vortex of light that need to be – the only way I can explain it is – Equalised.

Donna: Ditto to all of that. My feeling about stabilize, again, seems cellular. My central channel feels extra-toroidal. Planetary keeps being in my awareness. Like you, flashes – electric blue more than violet. Violet is a vibration that is fairly constant etherically for me, but forms or “formulations” of ether keep slipping into the corner of my eyes. When I look to see if it is a bug or something common, it is just a wave of energy no longer choate. And yes, ease – even with the nausea and feet that actually hurt to walk on – ease, peace. Lastly, the high pitched white harmony that I have always heard has additional depth and call-back resonances. I hear those type vibrations when a woman is completing her pregnancy or when the forest is coming into Spring. I wish the whole world had the type of open discovering participation in that which is probably happening to most people. Like a child, when he/she is acknowledged she smiles.

MM: So wonderful to put into words, altho…not possible to convey in its entirety. Joyful there are others with the same experiences. Namaste.

ST: Wonderful expression of your experiences Donna and CC – thanks for sharing! I’ve been seeing flashes of blue electric and brilliant gold – I call them “deva lights”…they float just a few seconds then “pop” in the ethers. I also see the flow of “energy” like rapidly swirling vaporous clouds, finely shot through with pranic-like fibres…and I see prana all the time – yes it’s harder to describe in words.

Donna:  Hard as it is to describe, look!, we are all doing it. All my classes through the years have taught that articulation is imperative as we move into more refined consciousness and meditative states. Sometimes that has been misunderstood as englamouring the personal within the experience but that is the necessary and normal learning curve of both articulating the sublime and subtle and of depersonalization. The words or gestures feel pale to the magnitude and clarity of the subjective, nonetheless we stutter on! These sharings are precious because these words acknowledge what is: beauty, redesigning, etheric and subtle senses that are not only working but expanding in what they perceive thus eventually can work with. Creating the words temporarily creates a stability of design in the energy waves – particles the consciousness wave for just long enough for others to perceive. I hope more people will join the conversation!

SP: Have seen the white blue prana globules all my life, but have recently started to see very faint swirling shapes around me which disappear like whisps of pale smoke. I think that the physical matter has become less dense and the etheric is more accessible now…..the veil is thinning.

AD: Extraoridnary and well articulated Donna. It seems like we were all hit with an extra boost of Heirarchial Soular and MOnadic energies. Some have been telling me their higher centers and bubbling efferescent with a streaming down from above.



MD: Yes, I have the same feeling, more or less since December 12th. In my case, what seems easier is etheric/intuitive grounding in the present.


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