America’s Form of Terrorist

heart-350x233Twenty-seven dead, 20 are children, the shooting is done at an elementary school. This is what America has produced. This is the height of our cultural insanity. And on cue, insult will be added to this rending injury when the NRA will speak righteously of guns in the hands of the “right” people.

What does it take to see that this is not just the act of one deeply unbalanced young man, but instead the the scream of a culture that lives a fundamental lack of ethics? Ethics are the compass, topographical map, and magnetic pointer of societal health. As a country our ethics have been gone for a while which is why in America it is profitable to poison, cheat, steal, lie, take what you want and leave a mess for generations to come.

Children? An elementary school? This event is an example of an American homemade self-detonating device. This young man and others who have done similar are our homegrown and societally schooled terrorist bombers. Adam Lanza and the children and adults he horribly murdered are victims of a country and its society sick with greed and shame and drugged with everything from Ridelin, Ambien, and Selexa to angry, fear-mongering TV to genetically modified pop-corn and home brew.  What does it take? Like the diabetic having a foot amputated but just can’t give up sugar, what does it take to say no more? No more what? You know the list.

As a mother, a human being, and an American my heart is heavy with sadness and too much understanding of how this is actually possible, and why it will happen again and again because our nation is actually not right with itself or with the world. My meditation and prayers from early, early this morning have been with families wailing in pain, disbelief, and the scream of “how is this possible?”. May light prevail and let us all do what we can to change the ethical ballast of this nation and its course with itself and the world.

Deadly US mass shootings

  • 1984: James Oliver Huberty shoots dead 21 people at a McDonald’s in California
  • 1986: Postal worker Pat Sherrill kills 14 people at post office in Oklahoma
  • 1991: George Hennard kills 23 people at a cafeteria in Texas
  • 1999: Two students at Columbine high school kill 13 and injure 20, before killing themselves
  • 2007: A student kills 32 and injures dozens more at Virginia Tech university
  • 2009: 13 people are killed in a mass shooting at Ford Hood military base in Texas
  • 2012: James Holmes kills 12 people and injures 58 at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado   (list courtesy of BBC News)

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