Lab rats

At the airport yesterday morning, I refused to go through the newer type of scanners that American airports are using. Why? Because they are unhealthy for a human being. For this reason they are not used in Europe. (Oh, you mean like fluoridation of water, and genetically engineered foods? Yes.)

We have the choice to refuse to go through the newer scanners. Of course, the airport security doesn’t tell you that. Instead, like cattle we are directed here or there and aimlessly and uninformed, most people just walk through.

The first time I refused was the month they instituted the new machines in many USA airports. Remember? There was an internet flurry to refuse to go through and choose a pat-down instead. Of course, the pat-down was an immediate coercion tactic meant to embarrass and delay those who chose their well-being over the profit margin of the company that sold thousands to these machines to the airports and ideologically to our government.

That first time, no problem. A pat-down didn’t then nor does it now bother me. But this morning, one pat down was not enough. Two is the level of the coercion now being used against those choosing to not walk through these machines. The powers that be are hoping that by embarrassing and inconveniencing the person that he or she will opt for the unhealthy full body scan. Not me.

I asked the second woman doing the pat-down if she knew that these machines are outlawed in Europe, she said no. TSA workers are told, as are you if you refuse, that the level of radiation is similar to that from a cell phone, a microwave, or an x-ray. I told her that I do not own a cell phone and rarely use a microwave by choice for the same reasons.

The population of the United States is the largest lab rat on the planet.

  • Our water has been arbitrarily fluoridated since the 50’s. Europe did not.
  • When I was growing up pesticides used to be sprayed on whole neighborhoods, and still are sprayed from planes onto great fields hundreds of acres large. The winds take those pesticides and we (and everything else) breathes them.
  • Our water, air, and soil are polluted unless we have made significant effort to undo those poisons by organic or biodynamic farming.
  • Chemical and radioactive wastes are dumped wherever it is convenient to the companies that produce them. Towns then fight for their lives in court systems, while children die of leukemia, women miscarry, and people get cancer. The town rarely wins the court case (unlikely due to the money that the company will throw at their wrong – compounding wrong with evil).
  • GMO crops and foods (genetically engineered) have innocuously invaded our food supply. Unless something is certified organic or you personally know the pesticide-free farmer (who could be yourself), most corn, soy, wheat, and grains are now genetically engineered. Therefore, all corn products and by-products, wheat flours, breads, crackers, bread crumbs, etc, and soy based baby formulas are GMO. Babies are being fed genetically engineered formula. (The thought gives me the shivers.)
  • If we follow that thought through beyond the obvious to the animals that are being fed grains (chickens, pigs, cattle for beef, and dairy cows for milk products), then …. you start to get the picture of why Americans have the highest rates of cancer, heart-disease, lung disorders such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal diseases, and auto-immune diseases. America has the most medicated children, as well as the least healthy children of all industrialized countries.
  • Soy is a known phyto-estrogen. Its effects to the homonal balance of any age human being are significant. It also is genetically engineered unless organic.
  • Sugar and sugar by-products are in most processed and packaged foods. Sugar, and its derivatives, kills the brain, blood cells, and compromises the cell membrane. Sugar creates an acidic body that eats itself causing auto-immune syndromes, inflammatory syndromes such as arthritis, migraines, and IBS.
  • Things that turn to sugar in the body when digested (like grains) are eaten disproportionately to vegetables, nuts, seeds, and animal protein.
  • Healthy sugar sources such as fruit are sprayed, waxed, irradiated, and in some cases genetically engineered.

On top of this heinous daily onslaught to the average uninformed American, is the constant prodding to buy into the ignorance. We are told that everything is alright and that if not, our health insurance will take care of it. Error is on both sides of that statement. No wonder the United States population is, in fact, the most diseased of all the developed nations.

Please stay informed about your rights as a consumer, a citizen, and as an airport traveler. Please refuse to hurt your body, your well-being, and the body of our Mother Earth. Instead choose wellness! in every regard. Please check out the links below.  These days information is easy to access. Living healthy is a choice: at the airport, the grocery store, and in our community.

  • regarding fluoridation, airport scans, and general fact check on health:
  • GMO (genetically engineered foods and safety): World Health Organization  and  Say No to GMOs
  • corn derivatives as sweeteners in food: Live Strong
  • and of course, there is there are the documentary movies: The Future of Food, Supersize Me,  Food Inc., Dirt, and Colony. Most of these are Instant Play on Netflix.


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