What is Awakened Aquarian Service?

Waters of Life am I poured forth for thirsty men, women, and children; poured forth for a thirsty world.” 

Service is more than what one can do, or “let me help if I have the time.” Service is bodhichitta and an aspect of the bodhisattva vow. Not limited to Buddhism, it is the promise made by anyone in any lifetime to serve God and others with all one’s heart and soul, or to be a kinder person and respect others. Dedication to bodhichitta begins with the cultivation of goodness by anyone anywhere and through all of our lifetimes. Bodhichitta, then, takes that pledge one step further through dedicating all positivity that comes from goodness and respect for the well-being of all beings and bends every effort toward enlightenment because that is the way to facilitate well-being most effectively. Service, then, is bodhichitta and the livingness of the way of the bodhisattva whether someone knows it or not.

Awakened service, then, is not rendered because of Piscean feelings of should or a burden of responsibility. Instead, awakened Aquarian service is the flow of “the wisdom of joy.” It acknowledges

  • that opportunity to give is a result. It is a result of good karma, merit, of a fortunate birth and its fortunate circumstances. Serving with this understanding continues the stream of benefit to others and self through good karma, merit, fortunate births and circumstances, magnetically ensuring more opportunities to serve.
  • merit. Merit is more than a karmic pat on the back for a task well done. Merit is energy and creates a cosmic current of goodness or keeps it flowing.
  • the mind for enlightenment. Simply, as one recognizes that we are all in “this” together, one realizes the powerful responsibility that one has to, with all effort and speed, free all existence from suffering and sorrow.
  • Finally, awakened service is done with the understanding of tincture and addition. Each drop of goodness, kindness, wisdom or patience is dedicated to the the ocean of the same. Each act in thought, word, or deed done with this awareness becomes a tincture of benefit and positivity in the pool of unawakened collective mind. Good things take time, and the person of the Vow knows that but also knows that good creates more good and that small things ARE big things. Therefore, awakened service is not done with personal attachment or sourced from the smallness of personal ego but instead flows from the “mine of trust” that is one with the Source of all Goodness, Compassion, Wisdom and Light.

Service, then, is never about “me,” what I can do, give, support, or my personal reasons why “I”do or withhold. True service absolutely benefits one just as it benefits all. Everyone gains and the world is rapidly changed.

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One Response to What is Awakened Aquarian Service?

  1. It is always appreciated to be reminded of the expanded definition of service. Thanks, Donna!


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