Our Silly Use of Force

Any deep meditator understands quantum mechanics. It is the very nature of the subjective experience. Spontaneous arising out of the plasma of no-thing-ness. Duality no longer a pair of opposites, it dances within itself and thus is One. 

A friend’s comment last night about the Hadron collider wafted into my dawn meditation this morning. Trying to smash together that which is insubstantial is crazy at best, not to mention the billions of dollars spent on aggression. Is that not what this experiment is? Purposefully setting particles of amazing properties on collision course, accelerating them to near the speed of light, and watching the carnage trails – who thought this up? And why is it a convincing way to find out the properties of existence? The Buddha, Buddhist, Hindu, and shamanic adepts and enlightened ones have spoken of the properties of the inter-stellar, the intra-physical substance, of non-linear time, multi-dimensional space, and have explained all of these cogently, coherently. They have reported and codified the processes whereby the elements are denuded of their properties and returned back to their original “one taste, ” their original sameness with the plasma of dark matter. They have taught many to do the same, and we do because of their gifts.

As I sat this morning meditating and an emptiness (sunyata) absorbed all space, time, and physical reality emptying concepts into a black hole Wholeness, the Boson-Higgs discovery was mine, as it has been all deep meditators through history. No scientific discovery is new. Ask any yogi.

Particle and Wave: the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness

  • a  6 session/6 week online course that I teach begins Wednesday, February 1 at 8 p.m. ET.
  • No physics or meditative back ground is necessary. But we will go deep!

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