Iodine: It’s Good for You

“Watch,” I said to my roommate Sunday night while I reached for and turned off a standing lamp with my left arm and hand. I was joyous, he was confused (for a moment). It has been not short years since I have been able to lift and coordinate my left arm in a directed manner on its own and without assitance. What’s the miracle cure? Liquid iodine.

That same weekend I walked up the steep grade of the trail behind Spirit Fire with my walker to a spot I have not been able to in over 4 years. All from Liquid Iodine? Yes and.

There are many things our physical body needs besides sleep, nature, water and food. Yet all that our physical body requires comes from those sources. A month ago three people sent me the same TED Talk and I have sent it on to many more. A woman MD was struck with MS and, under the care of the medical model,  it quickly progressed into a bad state. She began to take matters into her own hands and … you can watch the very informative TED Talk  yourself. It applies to everyone not just those with MS. But if you or someone you know lives with a cognitive or neurological issue of any kind, this information is vital.

I have gone back to vegetable juicing, not every day but more in order to increase the quantity of nutrient rich greens in my food intake. Back to the Iodine. It is available wherever you get your supplements: Liquid Kelp or Liquid Iodine. I am taking three droppers three times a day and have been for almost a month. Positive reversal of physical MS symptoms began within days in every regard and my mental vibrancy is acute.

So, these are the plant or mineral based supplements that I take religiously and have found life changing benefit from:

  • Liquid Iodine
  • Ashwaganda (powder, capsule, or liquid)
  • Vitamin B complex (B3, 6, 12 with folic acid, etc.)
  • a quality Adrenal supplement with ashwaganda
  • a quality Thyroid supplement with iodine (because of the feedback loop between the adrenal gland and thyroid)
  • Magnesium
  • a good source of Omegas (I have fish and greens most mornings for breakfast; eggs and greens otherwise. Not grains. I began this at the encouragement of a friend 8 months ago. It, too, has been significant. I dropped 7 pounds and felt good longer through the day with evenness of energy.)

The TED Talk

I get supplements from Botanic Choice and Vita Cost.

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1 Response to Iodine: It’s Good for You

  1. saratraub says:

    So thrilled that this protocol is working. If anyone comes my way who may be able to use this I will certainly pass it along. May it continue to bring your excellent benefits. Sara


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