Deeper Meanings of the Winter Solstice

The webcast of my presentation on the Winter Solstice is available. Click here for the webcast.

It was a rich hour. Some thoughts presented (with imagery) were:

  • Frigga and the Wheel of Time, the death of weakened Sun, the rebirth annually of the Ancient of Days
  • Mother Night, the longest night as the womb for the greatest light
  • Who is the Son? There is no gender to consciousness and light.
  • The Star in the East: alignment, direction, the single star born from the Mother Night Sky
  • Alignment leading to the profound and meditative absorption
  • The greatest light is within

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One Response to Deeper Meanings of the Winter Solstice

  1. Steve Kramer says:

    The Solstice lecture was thoroughly interesting! I have always been partial to wreaths for the holidays and look forward to creating one each year… and I knew nothing of their symbology or origin. I now appreciate them all the more! Wow, thanks! It was an enjoyable way to celebrate the Solstice.


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