An Esoteric Understanding of Quality

DK: Treatise on White Magic, pg. 33-34

It should be born in mind that the soul of matter, the anima mundi, is the sentient factor in substance itself. It is the responsiveness of matter through the universe and is that innate faculty in all forms, from the atom to the solar system which produces the undeniable intelligent activity which all demonstrate. It can be called attractive energy, coherency, sentiency, aliveness, awareness or consciousness. But perhaps the most illuminating thought is that the soul is the quality which every form manifests. It is that subtle something which distinguishes one element from another, one mineral from another. It is that intangible essential nature which in the vegetable kingdom determines that a rose or a cauliflower, an elm or watercress will come into being. It is a type of energy that distinguishes the varying species of the animal kingdom and makes man differing from one another in his appearance, nature and character.

The scientist has tabulated, investigated and analyzed the forms. Names have been selected and given to the elements, forms of vegetable life and varying species of animals. The structure of the forms and the history of their evolutionary progress have been studied, deductions and conclusions reached. Yet the solution of the problems of life still elude the wisest, and until the understanding of the “web of life” or of the body of vitality which underlies every form and links every part of a form with every other part is recognized, the problems will remain unsolved.

Slight edits due to modern syntax by dmm; graphic: The Awakening V Evolution by CygX1 can be found on DeviantArt

Quality, a nebulous term. Think on it. We can describe the quality of something but to define the word quality itself is a challenge, which is an underlying point that The Tibetan is making. Seek to understand that which lies behind, motivates, and determines the natural expression of anything (everything!), and we will understand the fabric of Life Itself. Quality is reporting the very soul of that which is presenting. Quality is the texture of the essential nature of person, place, or thing macro or micro. As He says, it is illuminating.

Parenthetically, herein veiled are a number of topics and esoteric subjects, one of which is the Science of the Seven Rays and Esoteric Psychology. I will be presenting on this subject on location in the Boston area on

  • Friday, February 24 at The Theosophical Society of Boston: Rays of Life: the Energy and Qualities of the Seven Rays
  • Saturday and Sunday, April 21-22 at Harmony Center in Medfield: Discover the Seven Ray Energies Workshop

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