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Donna Mitchell-Moniak lives and meditates at Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center which she founded in 2003. The Practice of Living Awareness is an outpouring of her heart-mind and lifetimes of meditation practice in various disciplines. See for meditations and free online meditation training. See this blog or for more of her written work and classes.

A small revolution in elementary education

Small things are big things, and big things begin in small ways. If you are a teacher, have children, or live in a neighborhood near an elementary school, check out these short videos sponsored by Edutopia (utopian education is the … Continue reading

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December Full Moon meditation

To quote the introductory presentation: Sagittarius reminds us that we have lived in many countries, have been the conquered and the violent conqueror, have taken in strangers, helped others, and given sanctuary to those in need. This full moon, let … Continue reading

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Full Moon meditation at 8 pm ET Wednesday

Join us for a full moon meditation on Wednesday at 8 pm ET. We begin with a short visual presentation about the astrological and astronomical factors that are aligning. Then, with those in our awareness, we meditate in order to … Continue reading

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The tension of the heart

“From out of the centers of the spirit it is especially necessary to tense the heart, because by its power it can transmute thinking. Right thinking produces stability, which is the first requirement. Steadfastness expels duplicity, fear and doubt. ”   … Continue reading

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Full bodied cooperation and the undoing of negativity

Original post from Bonnie Origen on The Wisdom Journal with some (my) additional thoughts. Thanks, Bonnie! Humanity’s expansion carries with it strains and dis-harmonies that are the inevitable effect of aspiration and application. We are blessed to have now available … Continue reading

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