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Donna Mitchell-Moniak lives and meditates with residents at Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center which she founded in 2003. The Practice of Living Awareness is an outpouring of her heart-mind and lifetimes of meditation practice in various disciplines. See for meditations and free online meditation training. See this blog or for more of her written work and classes.

No LOS group while I’m teaching meditation retreats.

Enjoy catching up on the Light of the Soul discussion podcasts. They are rich and help us understand the spiritual Path, the processes of meditation, and the dismantling of the fabricated reality that we abide in. This is accomplished through … Continue reading

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LOS Book 2 Sutra 27 discussion

Sutra 27 from Book 2 sets up the Eight Means to Yoga as offered by Patanjali. They are on a level similar to the Four Noble Truths inclusive of the Eightfold Path given by Buddha Shakyamuni. And, truth be told, … Continue reading

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LOS Book 2, Sutras 24-26

Fundamental ignorance of reality was a significant part of the discussion, and done so from a few angles. Esotericists and students of the Path, these discussions are for you. Join us live any Sunday. 1. LOS book 2 sutra 24, … Continue reading

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Oneness – non

Featured graphic: Enchanted Full Moon from DeviantART

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Esoteric Mercury – musing during Mercury retrograde

Mercury is the mind, therefore Mercury is the Son of Mind – the Soul. The Master DK gave a model of states of consciousness and Being, that also are planes of vibration and quality. In that model, Mind is called … Continue reading

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